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This tiny gothic chapel, originally dedicated to the Verge de les Neus (Virgin of the Snows), was built during the Muslim occupation in 1399 at the request of Berenguer Marqués, and stands where was then the Christian district. It is now dedicated to St James the Apostle. It has a small, rectangular layout, and is located right on the middle of Carrer Major (Mayor Street). The chapel was refurbished in the 19th century courtesy of Bishop Tomàs Costa i Fornaguera, who in 1887 commissioned a design from the diocesan architect Celestí Company.

The exterior features two facades: the main one, with a semicircular arch crowned by Our Lady of the Snows and flanked by two figures of the Apostle Saint James and Saint John the Baptist (patron of the Diocese of Lleida), and the one that it faces Carrer Cavallers, with two half-point openings, one larger than the other, and crowned the larger by a small oculus (skylight).

Inside there is a sculpture of Sant James (1964), made by the local artist Jaume Gort Farré (20th century), representing the apostle removing the thorn from his foot, while an angel casts light on him with a lantern. The sculpture is taken out in procession on the saint's feast day, 24th July. There is also a mural by local artist Miquel Roig i Nadal (1924-1993) presiding over the altar.

On the upper floor of the chapel features permanent exhibitions of Lleida's well-known nativity scene designers, Paulina Ametller and Joaquima Barrufet.

The Peu del Romeu's Chapel is included to the Catalan pilgrimage route of The Way of Saint James Camí de Sant Jaume.

Pilgrimage of Saint James Lamps - 24th July

Traditional Festival of National Interest - Generalitat de Catalunya

The Pilgrimage of Saint James (Sant Jaume) is another popular summer event. It is a procession of lighted lanterns that accompanies the sculpture of Saint James from the Church of Carme to the New Cathedral to commemorate the passage of the apostle Santiago (Saint James) through Lleida – station of the Catalan Way of Santiago.

The legend tells that, when the St. James came to Lleida to preach the Gospel, and just as he was walking between Major and Cavallers Streets, a thorn got stuck in his foot. And, as it was night, he could not see to remove the paintful thorn until an angel appeared with a lamp to illuminate him in that dark night, so that he could continue his apostolic pilgrimage.

On that spot, the Peu del Romeu chapel was built, which contains a sculpture that represents the scene.

  • Easy access. The chapel articulates the corner between Major and Cavallers streets.
  • The chapel, owned by the Diocese of Lleida, is open during the days of 24th and 25th July. 
  • The guided visit can be done through the Lleida City Tour, organized by Lleida Tourism board, every Sunday at 11:30 a.m.

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