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The Panera building was built between the 12th and 13th centuries, at the time of the Consulate, one of the most prosperous moments of the medieval economy of Lleida. The Almodí -as the building was called- was the city's contracting market and the center of all kinds of transactions: cereals, oil, grapes... From the medieval construction the colonnade is preserved: 21 stone columns of 5 ,70 meters of altitude.

In 1606, the Almodí was acquired by the canon of the Cathedral, a new floor was built on the colonnade of the old building and a perimeter fence was built, which gave it its current exterior appearance. The building was used to store and sell the products collected by the canons, hence its name, the Panera de los Canonicos.

With the disentailment of 1835, the Panera became the property of the Paeria, who gave the building to the army and it was used as a military barracks for the cavalry in 1860.

Later, it was a national barracks until the end of the eighties when it returned to the hands of the Paeria and it was decided to use it as an art center. The current remodeling has allowed the medieval colonnade to be recovered in all its magnificence.

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