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The Ermita de la Mare de Déu de Butsènit, a cultural asset of local interest, is located in the part of the Horta that gives it its name. It is a place of worship framed in a privileged landscape.

The current hermitage, consecrated in 1495 and rebuilt in 1652, preserves inside original murals by the Lleida artist, Víctor Pallarès, from the last third of the last century.

The name of Butsènit, which was adopted by the entire party, comes from a Valencian neighbor who had the first hermitage built in the early 14th century in honor of the Mother of God found. The original figure was lost during the Reaper War and in the mid-17th century it was re-sculpted from polychrome alabaster. Of small dimensions, it does not reach 25 cm in height. It is revered above all by those who suffer from sight problems.

Mass schedule
  • Sunday and public holidays at 10:30 a.m. in catalan
  • Free parking area. 
  • Access without difficulties. It must be taken the Butsènit way from the old national road II in the Alcarràs's direction, and go about 400 meters - from the westernmost entrance - or about two kilometers - from the eastern entrance.

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