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The Hermitage of Grenyana, erected in the eponymous Horta neighbourhood, is a medieval church protected as a cultural asset of local interest. With baroque architecture, is a simple but lovely structure which recalls the city's past.

Although it started out as a mosque, the current hermitage is of an austere baroque with popular architectural details incorporated throughout the last four centuries.

The original structure dates from the 15th century and is compacted with the rectory. The mother of God of Granyena is the patron saint of Alcoletge, although the hermitage belongs to a rural neighbourhood of Horta de Lleida, irrigated by the canals of Fontanet and Torres and a stone’s throw from La Mitjana Park.

The simple façade is characterised by a main door with a flat stone slab, a bull’s-eye window and a bell gable.

  • Easy access, about 3 from the Pardinyes bridge between the Mitjana park and the train tracks.
  • In tribute to the old Aplec (festival) of the place, mass is celebrated in honor of Our Lady of Grenyana every third Sunday of September.

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