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Who says farmers are against technology? The Aragonès group, in addition to being a three-generation family business in Horta de Lleida, is a farm and livestock which not only is committed to production with the Q from quality stamp but has also launched an online shop designed to make its fresh products - and many others - available through its website. Also they can be be found in a number of the Lleida's markets. They have a great variety of products grown on their land: fruits such as peaches, apples, pears, nectarines and vegetables such as lettuce, calçots, Swiss chard, spinach,etc. In addition, they sell beef from their own farm.

They have a wide variety of products grown on their land: peaches, apples, pears, nectarines and vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, calçots, Swiss chard, spinach, eskerole, etc. In addition, they market beef from their own farm, organize showcocking with the restaurant of Casal d'Alfés, and collaborate with the production of gourmet products such as coques de calçots and apple and pear cakes with the Pastisseria Carme from the city of Lleida.

Anna Aragonés, one of the leaders of the group, is an active ambassador for l'Horta, since she organizes and participates in various initiatives to promote l'Horta and its farmers, ranchers and the whole range of products that they occur there. At the same time, she also participates in the group of the Horta Women with whom they organize annual walks with the aim of giving visibility to the work and the historical importance that the farmers and ranchers of Horta have and have had.


  • The visits are made by the owners and the workers upon request and availability. 
  • They organize product tastings and workshops during harvest time.
  • Reservations by phone.

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