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La Dolors is one of the two producers of extra virgin olive oil from the Horta de Lleida. It produces its golden stream from arbequina olives planted in the rural neighbourhood of Torres de Sanui, northeast of the city. Apart from the oil in different formats, it also offers gourmet products based on its extra virgin olive oil (oil jam, chocolate bonbons and nougats, oil and salt, oil-based soaps infused with 'hundred-year-old olives, chocolate cream). The farm is mostly intensively planted with olive trees, but it still has hundred-year-old olive trees on the margins. At the same farm, Dolors offers direct sales and tastings of its products throughout the year.
They received the Innovation Award from the Horta Awards 2020 with which they were recognized for the risk taken to convert a traditional crop such as the stone fruit into another unusual one in the Horta, such as the olive tree and the production of oil, and the fact of doing it with innovative characteristics regarding farming techniques, harvesting and direct marketing, as well as networking with other producers in the territory.


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