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The Molí de Cervià, located between Camí de Granyena and one of the entrances to La Mitjana park, is a small gem of Lleida's industrial heritage and, as such, is protected as a cultural asset of local interest. The building is the witness of several restorations carried out throughout history and, despite the fact that time has not treated it too well, there is a desire to recover an equipment that was indispensable for supplying water and grinding oil .

Although it is probably earlier, already at the beginning of the 16th century the Paeria of Lleida had this precious installation to grind its wheat. All that remains of the building is the base, as it has undergone various destructions and reconstructions that have modified it over the centuries.

It is currently in a semi-wild landscape, in which the forest that surrounds the building and the majestic waterfall that forms when the drain carries a lot of water stand out. Open on all four corners, the exterior finishes that are preserved are Renaissance.

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