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The MORERA Mu­seum of Lleida is a public mu­seum, whose mission is to bring together a collection of modern and contemporary art within where the contributions of Lleida’s artists are appro­pria­te­ly contextualised. It also aims to conserve, study, interpret and exhibit this art as a way of ex­plai­ning the history of mo­dern and contemporary artistic ma­nifestations and, through the deployment of a range of cul­tu­ral services, to encourage and facilitate its visitors’ un­ders­tan­ding and critical appreciation in the contemplation and en­jo­yment of art. 

The exhibition

A chronological journey from the late 19th century to the present day which will shine a light on the pieces of the collection that help to explain key milestones in our history. This exhibition will highlight the work of artists at the turn of the 20th century, Lleida’s dynamism in the 1930s, the Spanish Civil War and the period of post-war exile and the emergence of new technological formats in the 2000s, among other subjects.

The works will be distributed around the three exhibition rooms, organised into the following subject areas:

  • Lleida in 1900. Straddling tradition and modernity (1900–1930)
  • Times of conflict (1931–1945)
  • A long post-war period (1946–1967)
  • Transitions (1968−1995)
  • Contemporary artistic practices (1996–present)

This exhibition will kick-start the new MORERA museum and showcase the collection that it has acquired over the years, which now accounts for more than 5,000 works of art. Through a thoughtful selection of nearly 450 pieces, visitors will be able to admire work produced by various torchbearers of Catalan art including Jaume Morera, Xavier Gosé, Antoni García Lamolla, Leandro Cristòfol, Enric Crous, Josep Iglésias del Marquet, Palmira Puig, Rosa Siré, Alba G. Corral, Alfons López, Albert Bayona and Antoni Abad, among others.