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The Water Museum, in the neighbourhood of La Bordeta, is a didactic facility designed to show its visitors the close relationship between the city of Lleida and this natural resource. The facilities of the former camp of La Canadiense represent the start of a route through a number of historical sites associated with the use of water which can be completed with a visit to the remarkable Pla de l’Aigua reservoir right in the middle of the city’s historical centre.

Water is the source of life, of wealth and also of energy. To get to where we are today, when we can turn on a faucet for water and flip a switch for light, the inhabitants of Lleida have had to build many infrastructures to provide basic services to the city. In this endeavour, the river has proved indispensable.

The country's first hydroelectric plants began to be constructed a hundred years ago, the one in Seròs being a pioneer. The Water Museum, between La Bordeta and Cappont, housed in some old facilities of the electric company La Canadiense, explains this history.

In the city's historical centre, under the square known by the name of Dipòsit (reservoir), a monumental structure, hidden for nearly three centuries, can also be visited: the former water reservoirs of the 18th-century city.

The Water Museum offers you: guided tours and open days in its spaces, educational activities for educational centers, routes through water landscapes, dissemination activities, temporary exhibitions, research and publications.


  • La Canadenca camp: Tuesday to Friday from 11am to 2pm and Saturdays from 5pm to 8pm
  • Water Plan deposit: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m
  • For other spaces and routes: consult the schedule
  • No need to book in advance.
  • Free entrance.

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