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All the eggs sold legally in our country have a code, and the first number reveals the wellbeing and quality of life of the hens who lay them. When it starts with a 0, we can be sure the hens live in very good conditions.

Ous Codi 0 is a small, organic family livestock farm committed to recovering an indigenous species of hen, the Penedesenca Negra, for egg production.  They explain their commitment to a sustainable model by opening the doors of their farm for periodic workshops and diverse activities.

A good option to consume their products is to buy fresh eggs or order chickens from the Rotisseria 'El Galliner' that the project managers have opened in the Balàfia neighbourhood.


  • They organize a charity vermouth every year.
  • They regularly have breakfast with eggs and broth tasting.
  • Visit upon request and availability.

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