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In the Barranc de la Clamor of Alcarràs area, a swamp was built around the 1950s to irrigate the rice farms. Hence the name of the swamp, referring to one of the most important economic activities at that time. This crop was gradually replaced by the fruit trees that currently fill the fields of the municipality.

The Pantà de l'Arròs continued with its task of supplying irrigation to the farms next door until the 90s when the new pond was built. When the marsh was no longer used, it became natural. Today it is a wetland included in the area of the Natura 2000 Network, and is also part of the Protected Natural Area of the Basses de Sucs and Alcarràs.

An important place for its vegetation (reeds, bogar, tamarisks and woodpeckers) and for bird lovers (harpella, red grouse, feathered capuchin, capuchin, mallard, little hen, little martin, rascló, the common wagtail...). There you will find a bird observation point with informative panels about the flora and fauna of the area.

The Pantà de l'Arròs is an area much appreciated by experts and scholars in bird watching, as well as by the residents who go for walks, either on foot or by bicycle.

It is one of the places that is included in the tours of places of interest in the municipality of Alcarràs.

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