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The Lleida Agri-Food Science and Technology Park is a public entity owned 50% between the Lleida City Council and the University of Lleida, oriented towards the development, promotion and dissemination of R+D+I projects.

Its objectives include the development of scientific and technological infrastructures, the promotion of incubators, the creation and accommodation of companies and the promotion of their interrelation with the University's research groups, the promotion of technological projects and the creation of quality employment in the technology and agri-food sector


CEDICO (Knowledge Dissemination Center)

3000 m2 building entirely dedicated to the congress service. It consists of:

1.- Joan Oró Auditorium, capacity for 150 pax, Wi-Fi, audiovisuals, simultaneous translation.

2.- Annex room: Martina Castells room: modular (3 modules with capacity for 100 additional people).

3.- VIP rooms and lounge (3 rooms for general organization and other services).

4.- Exhibition room 250 m2, equipped with Liquid Galaxy.

BUILDINGS H: hall space of 800 m2. They are large cloisters (2+2) with a remarkable singularity and that have already hosted numerous events. They are called H-buildings because of their unique shape.

SEVERAL ROOMS: 23 meeting rooms for 10 to 70 pax, of different sizes, equipped with computers, electronic whiteboard, Wi-Fi. Located in various buildings


The Magical has been equipped with 5 sets ranging from 80 to 600 m2 and two outdoor sets with 80 and 2,500 m2, respectively.

The Magical has all the technology to handle any image recording: FULL HD, 4K (Red One) and stereoscopic cameras with all the complete microphone and recording equipment. It has also been provided with image and sound post production services through a Mistika room and a Protools room, also for Dolby 7.1

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