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The irrigation canal of Fontanet, placed, like the canal of Torres, on the left bank of the Segre River, is one of the most relevant testimonies of the city's Muslim period. Designed to irrigate most of Horta de Lleida, it remains active still today providing water to a large number of fields and industries.

Over the course of its ten kilometres, it irrigates eight-hundred hectares in rural neighbourhoods like Granyena, Copa d’Or, Albarés and Fontanet. Its original route has also varied over time, but despite having a thousand years of history, it still continues to operate.


  • The Sèquia de Fontanet is one of the most interesting elements of the Grenyana area, together with the Cervià mill, the clamor of the Canals, the meanders of the Segre river and the Grenyana hermitage.
  • A flat and simple route can be done along the canal route, both on foot and by bike, suitable for families.

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