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No monument represents the city of Lleida more fully than the Seu Vella, whose omnipresent bell tower stands out like a lighthouse.


While the castle of La Suda is a vestige of the footprint of the Arabs in the Ponent capital, the Seu Vella was one of the most imposing cathedrals of the former Catalan-Aragonese crown. Built over the course of the 12th century, of particular note is its open cloister - one of the world’s few - and the door of the Apostles.


The walls of the hill, built by the soldiers of Philip V after the War of the Spanish Succession with the stones of the city’s buildings - and reinforced by the French at the start of the 19th century - established the monumental complex as a military fortress, thus losing the status of cathedral.


The Turó is currently in the running to become a Unesco World Heritage Site.

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