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The Lleida Archery Club was born in 2015 in the city of Lleida. It became a federated sport in 2016 with the aim of promoting archery as a sport and the training of archers.

Archery is a low-impact, very safe sport suitable for all ages and abilities, which can be enjoyed as a family and throughout life. Thanks to the qualified technicians, the Club makes available to everyone a program according to each person's training (initiation or technical training), for young schoolchildren between the ages of 5 and 22, and quarterly or intensive courses for adults 6 hours

Facilities and activities that provide sustainable values for the city of Lleida and the surrounding area.

  • Training is from October 1st to June 23rd, but students can sign up at any time during the course.
  • Possibility of other training days or schedules.
  • The prices include all the equipment needed to take the course: bow, arrows, fingerboard, chest protector... customized according to each shooter.