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The Tossal de la Moradilla stands out in the middle of the plain and the agricultural crops of the Moradilla part. It is a small rise in the plain of Lleida of about 1.2 km and consists of an old telegraph tower, built at the end of the 18th century, a fortified set of war and views over Lleida. It is also a hiking area.

It represents one of the last remnants of natural scrub vegetation, and is a refuge for numerous protected species, both invertebrates and vertebrates. These hills are formed by natural halonitrophil scrub vegetation, adapted to dry and rather saline soils, and rocky outcrops. There we find a distribution area of ​​a species of the threatened flora of Catalonia: Plantago loeflingii.

The tossal itself has an elongated shape in which two elevations stand out, both fortified by the Republican army, which creates a very interesting framework to visit. There we find the Alamús castle and its fortifications, and the remains of a semi-rock bunker.

  • Access with slight difficulties. It is necessary to take the road to Moradilla (km 4 of the current LL-11) and leave the vehicle on the side of the same road when we have gotten close enough to the hills where the tower rises, which can only be climbed on foot.

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