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El Xòperal del Tòfol, located between the Copa d'Or and Sot de Fontanet and to which one also can access by crossing the footbridge of the same name, is a natural park equipped with tables and benches, ideal for having a snack, having a picnic and a bit relaxing. The privileged environment of the grove that surrounds makes it a perfect place for families with children.


Tòfol was a popular character from the beginning of the 20th century known for his 6m long boat that people used to cross the river. Tòfol's boat connected the departure of Rufea with the term of Albatàrrec (below the current AVE bridge), and the well-known owner also used it to fish in the tolles between Albatàrrec and Lleida.

Currently, on the old Albatàrrec road (see map), there is a leisure area called "El xoperal d'en Tòfol" in memory of this famous boatman, although he operated a little higher up, probably in the height of institutes.

"El Xoperal d'en Tòfol" was made thanks to the initiative of the neighbors of Copa d'Or and Sot de Fontanet with the collaboration of the teachers and students of the Pràctiques II school. In 1992, they decided to create this recreational space for gatherings, in a spot where it had been degraded until then. The xoperal is a rest area for all those people who enjoy the Segre River Nature Trail, right next to the Rufea wooden footbridge.

Near this place you can find other elements of heritage value, such as the Séquia de Torres, the Torrent or Clamor de la Femosa, the Camí vell de Tortosa (currently called Camí d'Albatàrrec), and the Pont de Boc. The latter dates from the 16th century, and is remembered for having been a gathering area for witches. Josep Lladonosa tells us in his book "History of the city of Lleida" how, in 1627, several women from Lleida were accused of worshiping Satan, in the figure of the Goat. The author explains that they met on the plain of Gardeny or on the river Femosa, near Artesa de Lleida, "at the bridge called Boc de Biterna".

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