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The Torres family, with five generations, has 1,800 hectares of its own vineyard, 80% of which are located in Catalonia. It is one of the few groups of wineries that are 100% family owned, which makes it a member of Premium Familiae Vini, an association that brings together the most prestigious century-old wine producing families in Europe.

Celler Purgatori, located in Les Garrigues, is the ninth and last winery opened in the group. The extreme weather conditions between day and night, and the distribution of the vineyard at three different elevations up to 550 meters, with a difference in level of more than 200 meters, make the estate one of the most qualitative of the family.

The family is also the founder of International Wineries for Climate Action, which promotes the decarbonisation of the sector, in addition to allocating a good part of its profits to its R&D department to advance in the quality and care of the environment, being the estate and the Purgatori winery, an ideal testing ground for the study of different grape varieties.


The general manager of the company, Miquel Torres Maczassek, states that the 20 degrees difference between day and night means that the conditions for the vineyard are very good, but not for life. Maybe that's why the name Purgatori.

The quality of the wine is also given by the extremes in summer and winter, and together with the lack of rain and desert climate, it favors the slow ripening of the grapes, in addition to the cultivation of a small volume of vines on many hectares.

Inside the cellar, the stainless steel and concrete tanks, built with clay from the estate itself, favor good winemaking. Then, aging takes place in French oak barrels between 15 and 18 months.

In a guided tour with tasting, the making process of Purgatori wine is shown first-hand, in addition to explaining the vineyards, their surroundings and the history of the Torres family, which treasures more than 150 years dedicated to the care of this heritage.

  • The Torres family's first winery is located in Vilafranca del Penedès, built in 1870.
  • The winery is not open to the public, and therefore cannot be visited freely.
  • To arrange a guided tour, you must make a reservation in advance by phone or using the form on the Torres group website.

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