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Grup Aragonés is a historic family farm in L'Horta de Lleida surrounded by vegetable and fruit fields.

Calçots, onion, tomatoes, fava beans, apple, pear, flat peach, platerina nectarine, are some of the foods of the integrated production they bet on. And with a capacity to breastfeed and fatten more than 3,000 calves, they take on the challenge of generating 0 waste, combined with the activity of visiting the farm and feeding the animals.

Related to commercialization, they have their own store in the Mercat de Ronda-Fleming where they open every day. They also sell online, with the click&collect collection system, and receive orders via Whatsapp and home delivery. In addition, they stop at the Thursday markets in Camp d'Esports, on Saturdays in Barris Nord, and on Sundays in Torrefarrera.

Sometimes, they organize showcookings with restaurant Casal d’Alfés and contribute to gourmet production such as calçot cakes and apple and pear cakes with the Patisserie Carme from Lleida city.


Thanks to Grup Aragonès, we have the opportunity to enjoy calçots, one of the Catalan gastronomic gems.

They can be found in fruit shops and many local restaurants, but for a better experience, we suggest the countryside.

Its season begins in winter, lasts until the beginning of spring, and for this reason, Grup Aragonés thought it would be a good idea to open its doors during the harvest to those who are close to us and to those who are not so close.

At the end of February 2023, they are organizing the first open day to share the secrets of the process they carry out with calçots from planting to cooking. And also those of their own sauce!

They will also show the calf facilities, where they will explain how they take care of them, after their vegetable garden and then the calçots fields.

A rural experience, eating what we love: calçots and romesco. This after picking, washing and grilling them over a live flame.


SCHEDULE: from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m


PRIOR RESERVATION: Turisme de Lleida / 973-700 319 

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