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With the Moors and Christians Festival, the city has proudly re­covered a lost tradition that da­tes from the 12th century.

Lleida is the city where the oldest origins of Moors and Christian festivals have been documented. This is documented in 1150, months after the Count of Barcelona and Prince of Aragon, Ramon Berenguer IV, brought the Christian flag into the Muslim Madina Larida.

This celebration takes place throughout the year and, apart from the parade and subsequent battle, other gatherings are organized to experience the Festival: the start of the season, the Half Year Festival or the presentation of new members.

In Sep­t­ember, they also recreate the ceremony and banquet for the royal wedding of Ramon Be­ren­guer IV and Pe­tronilla, in the hill of the Seu Vella.


The festive weekend begins, in la Paeria square, with the Embassies, the parliaments of the Moors and Christian ambassadors beforehand to avoid the (last) battle that will take place on Sunday, the big day of the festival.

On Sunday morning, child’s pro­cession take place and then pre­sented the Lleida’s Band playing traditional music. In the af­ter­no­on the groups of Moors and Chris­tians are joined in the Seu Vella to parade with their co­lor­ful uniforms in the main streets.

Before nightfall, they start a sa­tirical speech that cau­se a ver­bal confrontation that follows the spectacular batt­le, with the incomparable fra­mework of the Seu Vella, the castle that crowns the city as a backdrop.


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