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La Seu Vella is the most outstanding building in the monumental complex, and the monument with which, without a doubt, is identified the city of Lleida. La Seu Vella is the old cathedral of Lleida and is made up of the different spaces that once constituted the cathedral: the church with its chapels, the cloister, the bell tower and the canonry.

It was built in medieval times and for about five hundred years was the cathedral of Lleida. In 1707, as part of the War of the Spanish Succession, it was closed to worship by order of Philip V and soon afterwards transformed into a military barracks.

The Lleida Museum houses stone sculptural elements from the Seu Vella; the mural paintings of the Pia Almoina; the Gothic painting on board of the Ferrer workshop; the 14th century sculpture belonging to the so-called Lleida School; the Flemish tapestries, as well as some objects from the Cathedral's treasury.


  • The route consists of a visit to two attractions:
    • Seu Vella Old Cathedral
    • Lleida, diocesan and regional Museum: part dedicated to the Romanesque and Gothic.
  • Meeting point: Lion's Gate, Seu Vella
  • Price: €8
  • Duration: 2 hours and 30 minuts
  • Tickets to the sites are not included in the guide service.
  • On the first Tuesday of the month, tickets are free.
  • Check prices of Seu Vella / Check prices of Lleida Museum
  • La Seu Vella and Lleida Museum are closed every Monday (except public holidays), December 25th and 26th, January 1st and 6th, and Easter Monday.
  • Prior reservation is essential on 973 700 319, and through the attached application form by sending it completed at
  • Consult the booking conditions.

Reservation / Purchase

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