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Guided tour of the main places and buildings of the medieval history of the city. With Calle Cavallers - one of the streets with the most medieval aftertaste in the city - as the basic axis, you can admire buildings with very diverse styles and uses, but with a singular bill. Tour of the medieval part of the city, where the old facilities and their current transformation are revealed.

The route is made up of the following points:

  • Romanesque church of Sant Martí
  • The bread basket
  • Pla dels Gramatics
  • Water Deposit
  • Cavallers Street
  • La Cuirassa – Jewish quarter
  • Church of Sant Llorenc
  • Palm Street
  • Almodi Vell
  • Old Hospital of Santa Maria
  • Paeria Palace

Recommended only for schoolchildren in Lleida or people with a specific interest in the Middle Ages.

Outer route, no inputs required

Duration: 2h

Meeting point: Romanesque church of Sant Martí

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