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La Cuirassa, place of historical memory

During the medieval era - from the Christian conquest of the city in the middle of the 12th century, down to the final expulsion of the Jews decreed by the Catholic kings in 1492, end of the 15th century - the call of Lleida (La Cuirassa) was not a walled neighborhood, but it did have entrance gateways. Living side-by-side made it easier for the Jews to maintain their traditions, and protected them from popular uprisings.

The Cuirassa became one of the most important Jewish communities of the Crown of Aragon, and was the site of the Western Collective, the institution that administered the affairs of the Jewish community in this part of the Principality.

It is estimated that in the middle of the 14TH century around five hundred Jews lived in Lleida, some 13% of the city’s total population.

The quarter linked to the former Coiraça of the Moorish era, a protrusion from the city wall heading down the hill which houses the Old Cathedral; and from which it took its name.

The quartier had some basic elements to be able to carry out their everyday life and comply with the precepts of their religion; the mikveh or bath for purification, the synagogue, a butcher shop and a bread oven.

Today, the archaeological excavations reveal the remains of up to 7 homes, such as the Casa del Pogrom, the parchment workshop or the remains of several streets that bring us closer to a way of life that you can listen by following ''Voices of La Cuirassa'' through the QR/audio with the story of the different characters that lived and worked in the jewish quartier such as Bellaire, Llop Rimoch or Tolrana...


Guided Tour - The Voices of the Cuirassa

After being forgotten for more than 500 years, the former home of Lleida’s Jewish populace now opens its doors. Step inside and explore the streets of its history!

They left behind the Cuirassa, the neighborhood that allowed them to follow their traditions and provide the city with a rich intellectual legacy. The Jews were the translators of the Arabic texts for the Christians and the old General Study, next to the parish of Sant Andreu, was very close to the Call (the quartier).

Although we were aware that Cuirassa was one of the most important Jewish communities of the former Crown of Aragon, with equivalent royal privileges and a scientific community with its own medical school, there were almost no material evidences of its presence in the city.

After three years of work by archaeologists (2015 - 2017), historians and architects we can confirm the Jewish presence in Cuirassa in the form of 12th century streets, parchment workshops and even the house of a rich Jewish pro-hom: the House of the Pogrom located in the current Carrer Maranyosa. This house has literally been a box of surprises, set on fire in the attack that the town suffered at the end of the 14th century (August 13, 1391), the roof collapsed, trapping those who were inside and imported luxury items, unique in Spain.

Thanks to a guide knowledgeable about this legacy, the guided tour "Les Veus de la Cuirassa" offers us the unique opportunity in 500 years to be able to walk through the streets of Lleida's Jewish past, learn about aspects of life, the Hebraic customs and culture and, even, hearing firsthand the story of those who lived there, prospered and were finally expelled.

  • Open space in medieval architectual style that contains images, texts and QR codes.
  • Prior reservation is essential for the guided tour.
  • Duration of the guided tour: 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Languages: Catalan, Spanish

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