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Come and meet Raimat and experience first-hand the process of making all its wines.

You will be able to discover the history and details of a modernist winery, walk among sustainable vineyards and taste the quality of their products.

Enjoy the natural wealth of the farm, Raimat Natura, on a guided route on foot, by electric bike or in a hot air balloon. The circuit around the Clamor Baixa lake stands out, a privileged area for birdwatching, adapted for people with physical disabilities.

Access to Raimat Natura is free and the activities they offer are ideal for spending a morning or afternoon with your partner, family or friends. In addition, you can enjoy the gastrobar where they also have a wine shop.

And to complement your wine tourism day or weekend, Raimat offers authentic gastronomic experiences with a tasting of its wines, tapas and agri-food products Km. 0 by chef Xixo Castaño of the Malena restaurant, awarded with a Michelin star.


Choose your activity
  • Visit Raimat: guided tour of the winery and tasting of 3 wines and 1 cava
  • Tour of the vineyard by bike: guided two-hour electric bike tour through Raimat Natura and tasting of 3 wines and 1 cava
  • Raimat in all its splendor, from the vineyards to the wines: guided tour of the winery, guided walking route through Raimat Nature and tasting of 3 wines and 1 cava
  • Blind tasting, a challenge for the senses: guided tour of the cellar and blind tasting of 5 wines
  • Celebrate with Raimat, special Christmas for groups and companies: guided tour of the winery with tasting and menu by Melena
  • Pairing, the art of educating the palate: guided visit to the cellar and pairing tasting with 5 wines and 5 cheeses
  • Balloon flight: hot air balloon flight and tasting of 3 wines and 2 types of cava
  • Food and wine experience: Raimat Natura by Malena
  • Experience the harvest: guided activity of harvesting in the vineyards, crushing and pressing in the winery, breakfast or snack with Raimat wines, and guided tour of the winery.
  • ''Experience the harvest'' is offered from August to October, upon to reservation.
  • All activities are free for children under the age of 8.
  • Guided tours of the winery and Raimat Natura are organized for groups of more than 6 adults.
  • It is necessary to make reservation in advance through the phone, e-mail or website of the winery.

Reservation / Purchase

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