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The Seu Vella old cathedral, also known as “Lleida Castle”, is de­finitely the city’s most em­ble­ma­tic monument.

The outs­tanding fea­tu­res of the interior include the stonework in the na­ves, which show the influence of the ar­ti­sans from Tuscany, Toulouse and Pro­ven­ce who wor­ked on the cathedral throug­hout the 13th century, as well as the re­mains of Gothic mural pain­tings. After the con­se­cration of the temple, work continued into the 14th century, when the cloister was com­ple­ted and cons­truc­tion work be­gan on the bell tower and lasted until 1431.

The Seu Vella is a site of the 1714 Route, the War of the Spa­nish Succession.


This unique cathedral sits on top of the hill overlooking the city and affords magnificent views of Lleida and the su­rroun­ding countryside of Se­grià coun­ty.

Construction of the ca­thedral began in 1203, but the bell tower was not com­pleted until 1431. The first master buil­der was Pe­re de Coma. Ac­cor­ding to his­to­rians, the ca­thedral was built on top of a for­mer Mus­lim mosque. The temple was the first buil­ding to be com­pleted and was con­se­crated for worship in 1278 and dedicated to the Vir­gin Mary. It has a Latin cross floor plan with a nave and two aisles.

  • Duration: 1h30'
  • Meeting point: Lion's Gate, Seu Vella
  • The entry of the monument is not included to the guide service (free for children under 7 years).
  • Closed on Mondays
  • Free entry on the first Tuesday of the month. Check entrace fees.
  • Prior reservation is essential on 973 700 319, and through the attached application form by sending it completed at Consult the booking conditions.

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