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Visits to Horta farms

Granja Pifarré: Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Saturdays, also at 5:00 p.m.

The "Engranja't" visit is a guided tour resulting from the collaboration between Granja Pifarré, an agricultural and livestock farm, and Lleida's cultural tourism company, Nomon. The visit is thorugh various areas of the farm, such as the vegetable garden, the fruit trees, the stables, the farm and the agro shop with products from the vegetable garden. It combines historic spaces with modern facilities. In addition, it has a didactic maze and occasionally they organize canning workshops with different producers from the Horta. Tours and products from Horta can be booked and purchased through their own website.

Farm Eggs Code 0: With prior reservation.

In 2015, the farm of black penedesque chickens was born and the production of eggs that are sold under the guarantee of code 0. This code guarantees that the hens live freely and have a diet of organic feed and herbs from their free yards of phytosanitary You can buy eggs directly from the farm itself and also from the El Galliner rotisserie they have in the city of Lleida. They offer broth tasting.

Cal Sargaire Farm: With prior reservation.

Cal Sargaire is a family business that produces and processes natural beef. In this operation, they complete the entire cycle, from growing the fodder for the calves to the direct sale of the meat to the consumer. Farmers and ranchers since 1950, the farm has gone from dairy to meat production. You can visit the farm with prior reservation and buy the products at the farm itself or in one of the two shops they have in the city of Lleida.


Day 1


  • Entrance to the rural house Cal Soi
  • Evening at the accommodation

Day 2


  • Morning (10:30 a.m. or 12:30 p.m.): visit "Engranja't" at the Pifarré farm from Horta de Lleida 
  • Free lunch
  • Afternoon (schedule to be agreed): visit to the Eggs Code 0 farm
  • Free dinner

Day 3


  • Departure from the accommodation before 11am
  • Morning (schedule to be agreed): visit to the farm Cal Sargaire from Almacelles
  • Free lunch


  • 2 nights of accommodation in Cal Soi, a rural house for rent in the middle of Horta de Lleida
  • Visit to the Pifarré farm from Horta de Lleida: guided tour of the orchards, stables and the farm.
  • Visit to the organic egg farm Code 0 of the Horta de Lleida: tour of the laying hen farm.
  • Visit to the farm Cal Sargaire from Almacelles: tour of the farm’s facilities.
  • During calçotadas season, you can shop online and pick up cooked calçotadas direct from the producer at Horta de Lleida itself (Aragonès Group). With sauce and fruit from the same estate. You can also take the opportunity to buy fruit, oil, jams and vegetables directly from the Horta de Lleida farms.
Price description
  • From €68.00 per adult in full rental rural house accommodation (15 places) (*) (**)
  • (*) Consult prices for children under 12 years of age
  • (**) Accommodation in a fully rented rural house: 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, equipped kitchen, solarium, garden, parking and private pool
  • Includes VAT and tourist tax


  • Cal Soi - Pifarré Farm: 5min/2.6km
  • Granja Pifarré - Lleida Renfe station: 10min/6.6km
  • Lleida Renfe station - Eggs Code 0: 10 min/5km
  • Eggs Code 0 - Cal Soi: 14min/8.7km
  • Cal Soi - Cal Sargaire: 21min/22.6km

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